• Bre Bardenwerper

A New Kind of Interior Design

One of my goals for 2020 was to be at home more with my kids, and let me just say…this whole COVID-19 isn’t what I had in mind; but, regardless of reason I am thankful to be home with them.  

With that being said, staying at home more than usual has opened my eyes to things around my house that I want to change.  Some changes I had planned to work on “when I had more time” others are new little projects I’m scheming up as my toddlers watch yet another episode of Bubble Guppies.

Between my own desires and the questions I’m getting from others, it has me thinking that maybe I’m not the only one wanting to switch things up or tackle some projects in my house, and that being at home with some extra time would be a great chance to work on our haven a little more.  

So how can you redecorate while stuck at home? How do you create a new space you want to spend all your extra time in? How do you make sure it suits your family’s needs and lifestyle?

Its simple… you don’t.  You let us handle that for you!

I’ve had quite a few people reach out about how they can work with us while self-distancing.  

Let me introduce you to a new kind of interior design- well maybe not new because we have offered this for awhile, but new for locals-  E-design.

E-design is a unique alternative to traditional interior design that allows us to virtually design any room in your house.  We will collaborate with you to create a master plan that you can implement in your own timing.  This gives you control over the spending and the timeline compared to a standard design service. Let us handle the designing and sourcing of materials so you can enjoy the result, without the stress of the rest.

So whether you live across the country, or are simply my social distancing next-door neighbor, this is the perfect time to revamp your home.

The process is unapologetically simple and can be found in detail under our Services tab, but lets summarize just for fun.

Step 1: Email us to inquire about your project.

Step 2: Send us general information on your space, and include ALL the pictures you can!

Step 3: We create 2 concept boards for you to look at and choose from.

Step 4: We send you all the information you need to complete your space.  We mean ALL the information too, everything from sourcing lists, renderings, layouts, designer notes, EVERYTHING to make your space look like perfection.

Step 5: Enjoy your space! Oh… and send us updated pictures because we want to enjoy it too!

Seriously though, don’t sit around wishing for a new space, let’s make it happen!

Ready to get started? Email us!

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