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Hickory Nut Project - Kitchen Reveal

Today I want to introduce everyone to the Hickory Nut Project, a house that is near and dear to my heart; because,it is the place I call home.

Way before I was born, my great grandparents owned a beautiful campground in North Georgia called, Hickory Nut Campground. People visited from near and far and always had a great time. The stories I’m told are incredible, and I wish I had been able to experience the campground with them.  They eventually closed the campground, and my aunt and uncle built a house in the most beautiful spot, and my Dad actually drew the plans for the house.  As I grew up, I played in the house often and loved visiting as much as I could.  My dream was to live there one day.

Fast forward, and that dream became a reality.  My husband and I now raise our two kids in the home that has so much meaning to my family.   I am so grateful, and overwhelmed by how much we love it here.

Now, with all of that being said, the house was built in the 80’s, so you can imagine that it needed a little updating.  My aunt is also an interior designer, and when they livedhere years ago, this house always had the most spectacular design elements.  I really think that this home is the reason I love design so much. But its now 2020, and styles have changed. Not to mention, I have my own design style that I want to live in.  So we have slowly been renovating and redecorating!

Today I want to show you the kitchen transformation.  Take a look at the before:

Now, I’m a huge fan of wallpaper, and I remember that every kitchen at that time had fruity wallpaper, my mom’s kitchen included.  But that is A LOT of wallpaper!

After moving in, I wasn’t a huge fan of the hardwood stain color, so we had it refinished and stained a little darker.

We did a custom stain mixture, because I could not find a stain that I loved.  We ended up using equal parts Jacobean and Weathered Grey.  

I also wanted to have new countertops, and I knew I wanted to go with something that looked like Marble.

We worked with a great company, and visited a showroom to pick our exact slab.  I highly recommend this if it is possible, because all slabs (even in the same type of stone) are different.  Some have darker spots, or imperfections that you can avoid by finding the right slab.

We ended up using a type of stone called Quartzite, which is a natural stone that is in between a quartz and marble.  It is harder and a little more durable than marble so we knew it was probably better for our kitchen.  It still requires some upkeep like sealing it every now and then, but they do make a 15-year sealant you can put on it.

I also found matching marble tile for the backsplash and really love the character it adds!

Deciding what to do with the cabinets was probably the hardest decision we had to make for the kitchen.  I tend to lean more towards the clean lines of a shaker style cabinet, which our cabinets did not have.  However, our cabinets are incredibly high-quality custom made cabinets, and I did not want to get rid of them.  But, I also did not want to keep them the same honey oak color.  I had always wanted a white kitchen, so we decided to paint the cabinets. The kitchen has so many cabinets that I was afraid that too bright of a white would be overwhelming.  So we went with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, which is a creamier white, and not so stark that it hurts your eyes to look at it.  

We painted the walls Gossamer Veil and Hale Navy by Sherwin Williams, added new hardware, cut a new place for the microwave in the island, and put in a stainless apron-front sink. Side note: If you want the look of a farmhouse sink but for half the cost look into apron-front sinks!

Now look at where we are!

BB Design Co kitchen

Totally transformed! We love this kitchen so much and haven’t regretted any of our choices!

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