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The Process Part 1 One Room Challenge- Week 4

Wow! How is it already halfway through the One Room Challenge? Time flies when you are having fun!

This week’s blog post is short and easy. Things have been crazy on all fronts. Our professional and personal lives are feeling like pure chaos. For the next few weeks we will be covering the process and steps of this bathroom renovation!

Here we go.

Step One:

Remove wallpaper.

If you have already read my previous blog posts about the One Room Challenge, you know that my Mother-in-law was gracious enough to take down the wallpaper one day while watching our kids. This saved us hours of work.

I’m not sure if the walls were primed prior to the wallpaper being installed, or if they were just applied with an extremely great adhesive. But either way, the wallpaper wasn’t coming off without a fight (and a few chunks of sheetrock.)

You can see where chunks of Sheetrock have been pulled off.

Step Two:

Remove the vanity countertop.

After deciding to keep the original vanity, because of its custom size, we knew it needed an upgrade. And before we had a finalized solution, Mitch had already ripped off the countertop and sink and hardware. He is nothing if not efficient and a go-getter.

Once the countertop and sink had been removed.

Step Three:

Sheetrock putty.

I know its weird, but I love sheetrock putty. It’s a tedious job to feel major and minor holes in a wall, but I find something about it so soothing. I just really enjoy seeing how something that is in terrible condition can become a smooth surface again.

Now a few areas on the wall were still pretty bad from wallpaper pulling and the adhesive not coming off properly. The corners of the room were “gunky” and even sanding wouldn’t fix it. So I put a little putty in the corners and slid my fingers down it to make it smooth again. It looks brand new, and no longer like a total mess.

Follow along each week as I continue to share our process and the reveal of our One Room Challenge. And as always, be sure to check out the other participants too!

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