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Traditional Southern with a Twist One Room Challenge- Week 2

It’s officially week two of the One Room Challenge, and today we are revealing the design inspiration and plans for Landon’s bathroom! Last week you saw a little preview of our plans, but here it is again for anyone who missed it!

Landon is only four years old, so I wanted to create a space that he will be proud of now, but something that will grow with him too. I didn’t want to create something that he will think looks like a “little boy’s” bathroom in a few years.

I decided that the look we were going for was a Traditional Southern with a Twist.

Envision traditional elements, with modern touches.

Our home is nestled in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains, and I can’t help but throw a little touch of “southern” in, especially when it comes to my son’s room. He is a little southern boy, and its only fitting to showcase that.

When I started designing I had a few ideas in mind, and took to Pinterest for inspiration. There were quite a few images that caught my eye, but ultimately I kept returning to these.

Bathroom Inspiration by Angela Marie Made

Bathroom Inspiration by the Grit and Polish

I really love the beadboard, dark navy touches, the vintage southern inspired art, and the overall feel.

After finding such great inspiration, I started looking into art that would fit with Landon’s bedroom colors, but also had a southern touch. And you guys… I found it!

The perfect piece of art!

This is the Winston Art Print from Fox Hollow Studios!

She has so many options, and I cannot wait to buy a few more prints for Landon’s bedroom!

The entire bathroom has been designed around this print!

Landon’s bathroom originally had wallpaper covering every wall. You can look back at the before pictures here.

I knew covering the majority of the walls would help hide the messed up sheetrock, and I love how traditional and practical beadboard is. So we chose to move forward with beadboard in his bathroom.

I thought about covering every wall in ceiling to floor beadboard, but I was nervous that it would look too crazy in his little tiny bathroom. I also knew that I wanted to paint the beadboard navy to match the accents in his bedroom, and with his bathroom having no windows (which means no natural light), I was worried that an all navy room would look too dark. So we chose to bring the beadboard up a little over halfway on the back walls, and then all the way to the ceiling on the vanity wall. What isn’t beadboard will be painted white to offset the dark navy.

I also wanted to try something a little different with the beadboard, so instead of hanging it the standard vertical way, I decided to “twist” it and hang it horizontally instead. AND WE LOVE IT! Definitely traditional with a (literal) twist.

We also planned to add new floors to cover the linoleum floors it currently has.

We wanted something that looked better but wouldn’t break the bank, because he is only four. Plus, we wanted to spend the bulk of our budget on something that would make a much bigger statement in this space. So we chose to use some flooring we already had on hand. Honestly, it’s just a peel and stick tile that we used in our pantry. I don’t ever use this for clients, but for a 4 year olds bathroom it works! Especially when 1) you’re on a budget, 2) you already have it on hand, 3) the colors work perfectly with your design, and 4) we plan to change the flooring in a few years anyway.

Now, speaking of a bigger statement for the space…. the feature I’m most excited about in his bathroom is the counter top! With such a small space, the vanity is the focal point, and I knew the countertop was crucial for this design. The one he had just would not cut it. So I planned to do a custom counter top with a fun design for the splash. Here is a sketch I drew up to play with ideas for the beadboard and splash.

I knew I wanted the beadboard to come up higher than the splash so that the two patterns would meet and create a fun design element. I also knew I wanted the back wall splash to sit straight across but higher than your standard 4 inch splash.

As for the vanity itself, we just need to paint it and add new hardware.

I want to update the room and make it feel more modern with mixed metals. I love how the cabinet pulls we chose are black and brass. We will play off those metals with the lighting. mirror, and faucet.

That’s pretty much all I can say right now for the design, but join me again next Thursday to see the main challenges we are facing with this bathroom design. There are lots of challenges we have had to deal with, and it will require a post on its own!

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