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Why We Chose an Outdoor Fireplace, Our Inspiration, and a Peek at our Deck

We did it! We made the decision to build an outdoor fireplace on our new deck. By the way, I haven’t forgotten to share the deck with you, we are just waiting on a few finishing touches before the overall reveal.

(But keep reading for a peek of where we are in the process right now.)

In the meantime, lets talk about this fireplace.

Moving forward with a fireplace was not an easy decision. We went back and forth for days about what to do.  Ultimately, we knew one day we would want to build a fireplace. But when we started exploring that option we were getting quotes anywhere from $5-10k.  We aren’t ready to make that big of an investment in a fireplace yet. So after that we discussed using a natural gas fire pit in the middle of the deck. We even had a gas line run under the deck to make it possible to connect where we wanted it.  Thankfully the gas line was already very close to where we needed it, so it wasn’t too difficult to run a new line a few feet. We were ready to get a fire pit, even if I really wanted a fireplace.

So I started my research on fire pits.  I looked into what type of fire pit we wanted, how it would function, and the benefits of it over a fireplace.  But I kept finding myself staring at pictures of outdoor fireplaces, and wishing it was an option now instead of later.  I mean look at these gorgeous spaces that have served as major inspiration for this project!

The Nesting Place - inspiration

Thea Home Inc. - inspiration

Mitch and I kept talking about how “one day” we would have a beautiful fireplace. So I switched gears and started researching fireplaces.  I looked up tutorials on how to DIY fireplaces, talked with professionals for guidance, and put together a plan on how we could build our own outdoor fireplace within the next few weeks.

With that in mind we decided to pursue the fireplace option for a few reasons.

1: They add more value to your home.  And even though we don’t plan on ever selling this home, we always want to add value where we can.

2: The shape of our deck works better with a fireplace.  It is a great size, and a fire pit would work fine, but it would take up so much usable space. Ideally, we want a space where we can sit and watch the kids play.  I like the idea of having as much space as we can for furniture, playing, and fully enjoying the deck.

Here is a picture of where we are in the deck project and where we plan to put the fireplace.

Peek at the new deck!

See that angled corner? That’s where the fireplace will go!

3: After looking into fire pit options, we realized that in order to get the type of fire pit we wanted we would still be spending $1,000+ and with the plan I had put together for a DIY fireplace, we could build what we wanted for that.

4: Aesthetics.  It just looks so much prettier!  

So there they are, the reasons why we decided to go ahead and build an outdoor fireplace instead of using a fire pit.  I don’t think we would have gone wrong either way, but for us, this choice just makes more sense.  We wanted to do a fireplace one day, and if it will cost us the same amount of money that we would have spent on a fire pit, why not go ahead and build the fireplace now?

This will be a new type of DIY project, and I do want to go on the record saying that this is a project that neither of us has ever tried before.  We have no experience with fireplaces, and this is easily out of our comfort zone.  However, when I said I have researched, I mean it.  I have watched countless videos, read other blog posts, and talked with professionals (who happen to be family friends.)   I am so excited to see how it turns out, and to learn some new skills along the way!

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